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The Nanny Company advocates for our Families and Nannies. 

Our process assures that families are matched with a nanny that fits their criteria. Educating our families is one of our most important pillars and we carry that through even after a nanny is placed.

How We Work For You


We learn about your family + your needs


We find candidates that meet your families need


We schedule interviews, complete reference checks + fully screen all candidates


We walk you through the hiring process + partner with companies that will answer all of your tax related questions


We offer ongoing support, even after placement has occurred.

The Nanny Company help to staff Nannies, Date Night Sitters, Mama Bears, Pet Sitters, Mothers Helpers, Household Managers, Tutors, Teachers and more!


The sole purpose of The Nanny Company is to find you the best nanny for your family. Our team will explore thoroughly the needs of your family in order to provide the best fit.


As former nannies ourselves, we know what it is like to be in your shoes.  We have both met countless families, cared for hundreds of children and have been through this process numerous times.  It can be challenging and tough.  

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